The “Artemis Award Monument Project” is a monumental sculpture of the Goddess Artemis rising up from the top center of the Earth, cast in bronze, time and half life size and will be placed in New York City, U.S.A.

Conceived in a dream and born out of love and noble ideals, the “Artemis Award Monument Project” is an inspiration with Classical roots.

You are invited to become a “Golden Artemis Donor” and to be immortalized by contributing to the creation of the “Artemis Award Monument Project”. The Artemis monument will be casted in the homeland and birthplace of the Goddess, Hellas-Greece and the ancient merchants’ metropolis of antiquity and will be placed in New York City, the modern equivalent.

The Sculptor Exsekias Trivoulides has being recognized for his classical sculpting artistry and his proposals have been accepted and approved by the Academia. The monument is designed to blend pictorial narrative with the mythological and historical content. The sculpture will stand 250 cm high and occupy a specifically designed and illuminated space, on top of a water disc and marble circular foundation. The sculpture is to be casted in bronze, the preferred medium for victory monuments, gleaming and lustrous. The magnificently detailed figure of the Goddess, surges from the Globe unifying the continents with her glittering bronze body and intense lights that will bring the entire statue to life. The “Artemis Award Monument Project” will be dedicated at a grand ceremony with a gathering of dignitaries and government officials.

You are invited to play a vital role in the creation of this majestic monument to women empowerment and global friendship. The creation of this sculpture will embody your commitment to E.A.W.C. and the “Artemis Award Monument Project”. You will be a witness for striving peace, sisterhood and hope for all people throughout the world, with a universal goal of working together for pure ideals, achievements and an eternal quest for excellence. Accepting this invitation you will join an important group of 24 individuals. The first 24 to respond to this call will be having the honor to be part of in the legacy of Artemis in a rendezvous with history.