Nikos Lygeros is a mathematician, linguistics expert, writer, poet, artist, play director, music composer, involved in smart education, history, music, theater archeology, philosophy, energy, management, innovation. He is known for his high intelligence and exceptional giftedness and recognized for the actualization of his work which to date consists of over 45.000 writings and research papers, over 30 world records in number theory, in combinatorics and in algebra, over 2,600 of lectures, seminars over 1,700 interviews, more than 5,900 pieces of artwork and designs, more than 60 books, more than 180 music compositions.

As a Master in strategy through geostrategy, topostrategy and chronostrategy he provides on an international level advisory work on crimes against Humanity, advocating for Human Rights and the Rights of the Indigenous people and enhancing the establishment of the Rights of Humanity.

He is fluent in French, Greek and English.