NEW YORK, NY, February 29, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Alafogiannis Family owners of the Hippocrates Trading Company based in New York, USA and Athens, Greece is excited to introduce the launching of the Hippocrates Greek Food Products online store. The particular products now available in the United States and online are “Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “Divinus Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, both uphold top-rated, exceptional quality standard that allows us to carry the weight of the name of the “Father of Medicine”.

Many have seen the study results of Olive oil’s potent compounds known to defend against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. New research demonstrates extra-virgin olive oil modulates nearly 100 genes that protect against other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, peptic ulcers, and even aging skin.”

To guarantee that a superior quality olive oil is brought to market, Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced to the strictest standards and regulation specifications that are required by both the Greek government and the European Union. This, coupled with the use of advanced technological methods and processes to collect the fruit of the olives, ensures that only the purest and finest juice of the olive is distilled. Significant in the production of Pure Greek olive oil and particularly for Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is that there are no chemical interventions. Chemical fertilizers are never used, only 100% natural fertilizers that are found in the soil of Greek olive groves. Equally important in preserving the natural quality of Greek olive oil is the manner in which the olive oil, and Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in particular, is derived. The olives are collected by hand, cleaned with pure water and by cold pressing, the olives are crushed so that the oil is extracted from the olive pulp. These traditional methods, used by Greeks since Antiquity, have been maintained and are used today to make premium quality olive oil, without refining or chemical additives. The outcome is a natural, delicious tasting olive oil. This is precisely why Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin olive Oil proudly holds the production seal of an exceptional product naturally harvested from the fruits of the “Holy Olive” of Ancient and Modern Greece.

The Alafogiannis Family is proud to be the exclusive representative throughout the United States of DIVINUS Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has received an International Award from the Sacred Ancient City of Olympia. The Certificate of Analysis from the University of Athens, Department of Pharmacognosy & Natural Products Chemistry certifies testing of this product assuring higher than the average values of oleocanthol and oleacein, two secoiridoids found in extra virgin olive oil. “It should be noted that (the) oleocanthol and oleacein present important biological activity and they have been related to anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective activity.” (University of Athens in the Certificate of Analysis Cert-number 1819-C0068).

Hippocrates, an ancient Greek Physician in Classical Greece, was born in Kos, Dodecanese in 460 BC. According to legend, he was a descendant Asclepius, the god of health and the demi-god, Hercules. He is considered to be the first and the greatest physician of his time, and is referred to around the world as the “father of medicine”. Graduates of medical schools around the world are still sworn in today with the famous Hippocratic Oath. Hippocrates’ clinical research studies on good health, prevention and treatment of patients, primarily focused on diet, good nutrition and the role of herbs in healthy living. Today, medical science fully accepts and supports the role of nutrition in health.

“Our knowledge of this, as well as the personal experiences and testimonies of family members, and particularly our parents and grandparents in Greece, our country of origin, led us to research the nutritional value of Greek olive oil and the important role it plays in health and in the fight against disease. Equipped with this knowledge, it seemed logical and natural for us to “baptize” the name of our Company and our olive oil “Hippocrates,” as we believe it absolutely and positively represents a means to good health, the most precious possession of individuals,” states the family’s patriarch John Alafogiannis. “At the same time, our reasons for becoming involved in the Olive Oil business were to a large extent emotional, as you will see with my brief mention of my forefather’s story. Our grandparents had a very large olive grove in a rather desolate, wild and wooded area of Central Greece, without roads and communication, where only wild animals lived. They lived in this place during the life-threatening years of the German occupation of 1941-1944. It was so isolated that even the German army could not get there. Our grandparents along with six other families of kin lived there, without any form of medicine or the assistance of doctors, and with only olive oil and olives as their basic food source. And, yet, they not only survived, but also remained healthy throughout this difficult period, while thousands of people were dying in the cities of Greece. Our grandmother, who always referred to olives as “this blessed fruit,” would always add a large glass of olive oil to all the meals she prepared. She never fell prey to illness and lived for over 100 years. Up until the end of her life, she lived a self-sufficient life in her village, performing all her work on her own, and cultivating her garden, which was filled with all the horticultural products she enjoyed using in her cooking and took delight in having her food “swim” in olive oil. As a tribute to the memory of our ancestors, whose livelihood depended upon nourishment with olives and olive oil, today, we strive to provide consumers with the best quality olive oil, and to honestly and clearly inform consumers of the quality of Greek olive oil, the optimal physical conditions for production, impurities of other substances which alter and compromise the product; and the traps and “secrets” often hidden inside “luxury packages” that may turn this precious asset for our health into a very dangerous food.”

In order to be effective for healthy living, olive oil must meet very specific requirements and be pure and unadulterated. It is like medicine that loses its therapeutic value if you add or remove the active substances. Most consumers who read the labels of food ingredients, for example, know that fat clogs the arteries, but may not know that the fat of natural olive oil cleanses the arteries, lowers cholesterol and protects us from heart attacks. “It is unfortunate that there are those in the industry who often use misleading tricks, names, and characterizations such as e.g. “100% Pure Olive Oil”, while their oil often contains many fertilizing substances, which make it unhealthy and even “worthless” in terms of nutritional value. Large university and medical centers in the U.S. and elsewhere have shown in their studies that Greek olive oil is the best of all because it contains substances and ingredients such as polythenols, oleocanthol, among others, as does our olive oil –and it should not be assumed that this is evident in the olive oils of all brands — which are used to treat many diseases. This, according to studies, is attributed to the soil quality and climatic conditions in Greece. Even within Greece, there are differences from region to region. Also significant is whether the olives are in a mountainous or lowland area, in a rainy or dry area, if they are fertilized and with what type of fertilizers, if they are sprayed with pesticides and the type of pesticides that are used, as well as whether they are harvested at the initial, intermediate or final stage and complete ripening of the fruit. All of these factors are important in assessing and determining the quality of olive oil and whether it may or may not be classified at the highest levels for the maintenance of good health and nutrition, as well as in the prevention and treatment of disease,” adds Alafogiannis

“This, of course, is what we at Hippocrates are working on, on behalf of consumers who want to incorporate olive oil into their daily diet for healthy living and well-being. To this end, we attest that the quality of “Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “Divinus Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, which Hippocrates exclusively represents in the United States, uphold this top-rate, exceptional quality standard that allow us to carry the weight of the name of the “Father of Medicine,” adds Alafogiannis. “We take great pride in our family-owned olive oil business. For us, being successful in this industry means much more than merely maintaining a profitable enterprise. First and foremost, we aim toward and are focused on consistently providing a first-rate quality product that, with daily and proper use, is an asset to the health and well-being of our fellow individuals.”

Hippocrates Trading Company, Inc. Is owned and operated by the Alafogiannis Family and is located in Westport, CT. The Alafogiannis Family is the exclusive representative throughout the United States of DIVINUS which has received an International Award from the Sacred Ancient City of Olympia. For more information and to order you are encouraged to visit

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